Selectmen's Minutes of December 30, 2002

 Minutes of Selectmen's Meeting
December 30 , 2002

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Buker.  Selectmen Lamothe and Knapton were present along with Business Administrator James Coffey.  Also present was Maxwell Sargent.  

7:00 p.m.       W & S Commissioner Donald Mellen met with the Board to ask for support in filing a motion for a rehearing before the ZBA in a recent case which grant permission for a large deck on a Loon Pond Property.  Mr. Mellen stated that the Commissioners had voted unanimously to request a rehearing and that if the Selectmen would also agree it would be good for both boards to work together.  After a discussion the Selectmen voted unanimously to work with the Commissioners and instructed the Business Administrator to contact Attorney Michael Donovan to prepare the rehearing petition.

               Mr. Mellen also informed the Selectmen that the Commissioners would be requesting a special article be in the warrant to build a new water transmission line from East Washington Road to Shedd Road.  Mr. Mellen also confirmed that there will also be a special article for cleaning out the septic lagoons.

7:53 p.m.       Chief Stafford met to discuss a recent complaint involving the Police Department.  Selectman Lamothe, seconded by Selectman Knapton moved to enter non-public session.  The Board entered non-public session at 7:55 after voted 3-0.

8:15 p.m.       The Board entered public session and voted 3-0 to seal the minutes of the non-public session.  No action was taken during the non-public session.  The Board then discussed traffic problems near the school on Brown Avenue with Chief Stafford.  Chief Stafford also mentioned that the Police Department will be getting night vision equipment as part of a possible grant.   


Payroll Voucher #s [52]
Abatement 12B-2002
Building Permit for Jeffrey Day, New Residence @ 305 Bog Road, Construction Value $130,000
Minutes of 12/18/2002

The Board briefly discussed the upcoming expiration of the contract for the Hillsborough District Court and concluded that the rent being received by Hillsborough was far too low considering that Henniker was receiving substantially more rent for far less space.  The Board authorized the Business Administrator to contact the Bureau of Facilities to begin negotiating a new lease.

The request for support from the Citizens for New Hampshire Land & Community Heritage was reviewed and will be looked at in the future.  The ZBA decision and minutes were discussed with Commissioner Mellen.

Other items in the agenda were reviewed.
Selectman Knapton asked that the Board reconsider their vote (taken in his absence) not to hold a hearing relative to a petition to layout a new road that would extend Myrtle Street to Dump Road / West Main Street.  Selectman Lamothe asked why.  Selectman Knapton explained that the petitioners should be given the courtesy of a hearing and be allowed to explain their position.  Then the Board should decide.  He also stated that many of the petitioners were public officials serving on the Planning Board & Conservation Commission.

Chairman Buker then stated that he had reconsidered the decision not to hold a hearing  and decided that there is a need to hear both sides.  Selectman Lamothe then stated that he had no problem.  The Board agreed, by a 3-0 vote, to hold the hearing at 8 p.m. on January 22.  The hearing will be in the Community Hall.

Selectman Lamothe brought up the subject of street signs at the West end of the By-Pass for West Main Street, at McDonalds and for Henniker Street at the east end of the By-Pass.  The Business Administrator will look into the matter with the Chief Stafford and Mr. Goss.

Items in the agenda were reviewed

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

James Coffey
Business Administrator