Project Genesis Youth Center Supervisor

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Project Genesis Youth Center Supervisor

General Statement of Duties: The Project Genesis Youth Center Supervisor is responsible for the operations of the center under the direction of the Director of Youth Services and is responsible for the recruitment and supervision of volunteers for the Youth Center.

Distinguishing Features of the Position: Typical hours and days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday totaling to 20hrs/week with after-hours work as needed for special events and attending occasional meetings. Flexibility in schedule can be negotiated with the Director of Youth Services.

Youth Center Programs:

Provide onsite staffing at the Youth Center and other scheduled programs

 Assist and provide staff guidance for Youth Center volunteers

 Maintain safe, clean, & secure environment at the Youth Center

 Determine facility and program needs.

 Plan, develop, organize, and implement collaboratively with the Director of Youth Services to create and maintain Youth Center onsite/offsite programs and activities (i.e. field trips, healthy living programs, first aid, and personal interests).

 Supervise and conduct offsite community service opportunities on a weekly basis and report completed hours to Director of Youth Services

 Report matters of attendance, discipline and other pertinent matters to the Director of Youth Services.

The position requires verbal and written communication skills with the ability to effectively communicate with and to work well with children, other employees, volunteers, and members of the community. The ideal candidate will possess:

 A Bachelor’s Degree and experience in youth work, social services, juvenile justice, education or an equivalent combination;

 Strong computer skills to effectively utilize current software like Word and Excel to track community service hours and communicate with community partners;

 The ability to work independently and efficiently while taking initiative and working alongside the Director of Youth Services;

 Strong organizational and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to demonstrate good judgment and strong boundaries when working with youth;

 Exhibit a cheerful and friendly attitude and show respect and concern for others

*All eligible candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check and have a clean driving record