Hillsborough Farmer's Market COVID 19 Guidelines

Hillsborough Farmer's Market COVID-19 Guidelines

The following Temporary Regulations and Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Selectmen for the Hillsborough Farmers Market (HFM) as a provision of using Butler Park. They shall take effect immediately and remain in effect until discontinued by the Board after the Covid-19 crisis and the need for social distancing has passed.

General Market Guidelines

Space between vendor locations will be increased to help maintain 6 foot separation between people attending the market.

Signs will be provided at both ends of the market reminding customers of the need for 6' separation. HFM will provide a template to individual vendors for signs reminding customers of 6' separation and requesting that customers not handle items that they do not intend to purchase.

       Product demonstrations and/or product sampling is prohibited.

Signs at entrances shall instruct customers NOT to enter the market if they are coughing, sneezing or do not feel well. All customers will be encouraged to wear face masks while attending the market.

Vendor Guidelines

Vendors and/or their employees shall not attend the market if they are coughing, sneezing, or not feeling well.

All vendors shall provide and prominently make hand sanitizer available at their individual location and shall post signs encouraging their use.

Vendors shall post 6' separation signs in accordance with the template as provided by HFM and ensure that customers waiting in line maintain separation.

Vendors shall discourage customers from touching items on sale. Rather vendors will proactively offer to select and pack items to be sold. Appropriate signs will be posted by each vendor.

To the maximum extent possible, vendors will prepackage items to speed checkout and avoid use of scales. Vendors are encouraged to offer customers pre-packed orders for quick pickup and go transactions. All vendors are strongly encouraged to wear face masks.

Vendors are strongly encouraged to assign a single person to accept money and payments. That person will refrain from touching product unless wearing gloves or after sanitizing their hands.

All vendors shall use non-porous table cloths or other non-porous surface. Surfaces shall be disinfected frequently during the market.

Vendors shall provide single use bags

Vendors will be required to wear protective coverings on their hands when handling product or money, no exceptions.

Vendors shall arrange their stall spaces to encourage separation between customer and vendor. For example, stall spaces shall be arranged so as to discourage more than one person at a time from approaching the cashier and to discourage people from clustering near the cashier or near items being sold.

Adopted May 12, 2020