Town of Hillsborough Transfer Station Information

River view with downtown Hillsborough buildings in the background. The river and sky are blue; the trees bare.

The following is a list of materials accepted at this facility:

Household Trash:

NON RECYCLABLE TRASH IN CLEAR BAGS ONLY (Kitchen waste, plastic toys, diapers, styrofoam material, empty motor oil containers, plastics, empty antifreeze containers, empty paint cans, porcelain and all glass, and empty aerosol spray cans, etc.

Clear Bags are sold at the Transfer Station!

Tall Kitchen (25ct) $2.50/roll

Large 55 gal (25ct) $6.25/roll


Paper (Newspaper, junk mail, catalogs, paperback books, magazines, phone books, and hardcover books without the hardcover, etc.

Cardboard (Flattened corrugated cardboard boxes (NO PIZZA BOXES)

Aluminum Cans (Soda and beer cans only)

Tin/Steel Cans (Vegetable and soup cans, etc.)

Other Items:

Propane Tanks (Up to 100 lbs)

Ashes (Cold stove ashes)

Waste oil and Antifreeze (Original containers or one gallon marked containers)

Batteries (Automotive, wet, and rechargeable batteries)

Fluorescent Bulbs (All sizes and lengths, and ballasts)

Thermometers (Mercury filled devices)

Brush and Clean Wood (Unpainted, NO stumps, NO pressure-treated)

Scrap Metal (Stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, BBQ Grills, etc.)

Salvation Army Donations (Clothes, shoes, blankets, etc. Bins on site)


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Televisions and Computer Monitors

Automotive Tires

Mattress and Boxspring

Refrigeration and A/C units

Demolition Debris