What information is needed to obtain a Building Permit?

The following is needed to apply for a permit to build in the Town of Hillsborough.  Depending on the type, size or location of the project other permits and approvals may be necessary.

  • Construction fully dimensioned plans to scale.
  • Site plan with setbacks from property lines.  Plans should show location of all buildings on property existing or proposed as well as driveway, septic and well location.
  • State approved septic design
  • Completed Energy Code Worksheet
  • Type of heating system and installation company
  • Chimney type, with number of flues and fireplaces.
  • Electrician’s name and license number
  • Plumber’s name and license number
  •  Street address of property
  • Map and Lot number
  • Name and address of property owner with telephone number email address
  • Name and address of builder with telephone number email address
  • Driveway permit form Town or State of NH